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    Memory and Brains

MemoryAndBrains is an initiative of Star Institute of Professional Studies Pvt Ltd. We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and the company has a proven track record of providing best in class services in the field of Education especially Child Education, Training, Children and Parent Counseling and consultancy for setting up of Educational Institution and complete know-how for running the franchisee business for over more than 8 years. MemoryAndBrains integrates an international concept from Japan, Thailand & Korea with scientifically proven technology to gift your child with a genius make-over in all respect. We are pioneer in B2B (Business to Business) in DMIT/DMIA, Mid Brain Activation, Mnemonics & Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Testing. As of today, we are spreading our network to PAN India.

Testimonial / What our Client Say

  • DMIT is very effective and I can say is very essential for parents so it give detailed information about child’s inborn strength and weakness of child. As a result Parents can plan how to improve weak areas.

    Ashish Agarwal, Director, GTS, A leading IIT Coaching Institute
  • My Son is average and my daughter is slow but due to this Mid Brain Workshop I found extra benefit in my both children. My son is now take interest in his study and get good marks compare to previous. And my daughter is now very active and competitive. I wish MemoryAndBrain to carry on the Good work they are doing.

    Neha Gupta, Housewife
  • I really Understood the true meaning of “You need to see it to believe it” when I got DMIT test done out of curiosity for my daughter and was amazed with results. It is must to do DMIT test for every parent to have a deep understanding of theirĀ child. Thanks to MemoryAndBrains.

    Manoj Kumar, Businessmen
  • After doing the mid brain activation for a group of students at our school I observed that their their concentration level have improved significantly and they were also to read, write and play with closed eyes. Surprisingly I can say that this is one of the best course that every child should learn.

    Kaushal Kumar, Principal, Gyan Ganga School